Advertises on Mantra

Advertise On Mantra
How advertising works?
  • You choose the products you want to advertise
  • You provide relevant keyword that facilitates better search results
  • You decide and bid on how much you want to pay per click
Why advertising?

Advertising makes it easier for the customers to find relevant products related to their search. This is where the sellers are going to benefit from. You advertise your products so that they appear on product pages, search results and in the ‘relevant/similar products’ section. If the customers like your product, they click on it, and make purchase if they want to buy the product. You pay the bid price only when a customer clicks on your product and on pay-per-click basis. This is how advertising works. Both sellers and customers benefit from advertising.

Currently, we do not have this future. You’ll be notified when we start offering this feature. Stay tuned!